AVORS Medical Group specializes in orthopedic medicine, which deals with the correction of abnormalities, deformities, and disorders of the bones, joints, and muscles.

Your musculoskeletal system is complex, including not just your bones, but also your nerves, joints, tendons, and ligaments: everything you need to help you move and stay physically active.

Orthopedics History

The field of orthopedics was initially established to care for children with limb and spine deformities. Now it extends to patients of all ages and professions, from senior citizens living with arthritis to elite athletes who require post-injury surgery and rehabilitation.

AVORS treats the following conditions, diseases, and injuries:

  • Fractures
  • Joint Pain
  • Sprains
  • Tendon Injuries
  • All varieties of arthritis

Orthopedic Conditions and Work Performance

The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that 147 million work days are lost annually due to musculoskeletal injuries and conditions, which comprise about 137.6 million visits to the doctor’s office each year in the US.

At AVORS Medical Group, we value our relationships with our patients and provide compassionate care to patients of all ages, from post-injury to rehabilitation to aftercare. We are a collection of medical specialists who help our Antelope Valley, Valencia, and Ridgecrest communities live healthy and active lives. If you believe that you could benefit from our treatments and services, please schedule your consultation today. If you’ve experienced an injury or live with joint pain, we’re here to provide comprehensive care that will restore your quality of life.