What Does Your Valentine’s Day Look Like?

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Valentine’s Day is a special holiday for many, because it’s a day set aside to show our appreciation for that special someone in our lives. Most of us realize that we should be celebrating our love for the people close to us every day, but the feeling is especially present on February 14th.

We all know that go-to move, the whole flowers and dark chocolate thing. But Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to do something a little more distinct and original. Don’t get us wrong, sometimes flowers and candy do the trick. But more and more couples are letting experiences dominate their plans rather than product purchases.

Adventure Safely

A good massage or spa day might be exactly what your body needs this Valentine’s Day. Maybe a cooking class, or a mini vacation. If you’re planning on being outdoors, it’s still important to be safe and to take care of your body.

Active Couples Engage on Valentine’s Day

It also just so happens that athletics are in full swing this time of year — we just witnessed the Super Bowl, we have March Madness coming up, and more. An athletic couple might venture out to the tennis courts, if weather permits, or play some racquetball. Even a nature hike can sometimes end in an injury. Twisting an ankle, tearing an ACL, these are all possibilities whenever we engage in active lifestyles — even on V Day.

Protecting Yourself from Injury

The best way to protect yourself is to use proper safety gear, proper footwear, and engage in said activity or experience with good judgement. AVORS believes in preventive medicine, which is sometimes the difference between being injured and not being injured. Taking a look at your surroundings and the conditions can also make a huge difference, because you’ll be able to make adjustments accordingly. You might practice more caution on an icy run at the slopes if you’re paying attention to the circumstances.

At AVORS (Antelope Valley Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Specialists), we have the best physicians, specializing in musculoskeletal and orthopedic conditions. We also specialize in holistic medicine, sports medicine, and pain management. We utilize cutting edge, non-surgical, minimally invasive techniques and treatments.

Make this Valentine’s Day one for the books, but not because of an injury. There’s no shame in your game if you do experience an injury. We have a fully-equipped rehabilitation center right on the premises. We’ll help you get back on your feet and active again, no matter what life throws your way.

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