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Tips to Minimize Risks of Sports Injuries

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Tips to Minimize Risks of Sports Injuries

Indulging yourself in sports is one of the most popular ways to stay fit. While some turn to sports just for fun or as a hobby, for others it’s pure passion and at times, even their profession. Being a part of the sports world means constant training, practice, and workouts. With this, comes the elevated chances of being affected by sports injuries, especially those that affect elbows, feet, hips, hands, and knees

Be it football, basketball, rugby, cycling, or even sports such as rollerblading and skateboarding that kids are into, a sports injury can occur at any given time. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just a child hoping to be in the field of sports someday, here are some ways to prevent sports injuries:


  • Warm-Up and Stretch

Before you start with the main exercise session, warm up your body. A warm-up raises your heart rate, warms the muscles and connective tissues, and improves your mobility and the functionality of your movements. By doing this, your chances of suffering from a muscle or tendon strain will significantly reduce as your muscles will be warm and loose and ready for the workout.

Don’t forget to stretch either, or else you will develop poor flexibility, which leads to muscle strains. Stretching post exercise can aid in the healing of any microtears, since your muscles are still warm and flexible.


  • Avoid Dehydration

Remember to drink plenty of fluids and keep yourself hydrated during workouts, practices, and while playing whatever game you’re playing. Getting dehydrated equates to not being able to regulate your body temperature. This in turn affects your performance as your blood volume decreases and your muscles don’t receive the adequate amount of oxygen to keep up the performance. 

Make sure to drink approximately 600 ml of fluid every hour; preferably a fluid that contains sugar and electrolytes, especially for endurance events. Keep yourself hydrated before, during, and after the game and workout sessions. 


  • Get the Appropriate Equipment and Gear

With all the advancements in technology, there are different kinds of footwear available for different kinds of sports. The kind of footwear you get is important as it’s what supports your knees and ankles and prevents injuries related to these body parts, especially in games such as football where using your legs is so crucial. Long gone are the days where you can just throw on a pair of old Chucks and run onto the field, carpe diem.

It’s also necessary to use protective equipment such as helmets, mouthguards, gloves, knee and elbow pads, and even shin pads. Protecting your eye is important, too, particularly if you’re playing a game like squash. Therefore, make sure you have all the required sports gear with you to save yourself from injuries.

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