Tips to Avoid Injury in the Workplace

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Work InjuryDoes your workplace have a good safety routine, a plan for you and your coworkers to stay injury-free while on the job? If your job has anything less than a pristine history when it comes to worker’s compensation, it might benefit you to consider a few workplace safety tips that might come in handy. Some of these might just be the difference between sustaining injury or walking away from an adverse situation unscathed.

Stay Up-to-Date on Safety and Equipment

Make sure that you know all the places at your work that put you at the most risk. If you work at a warehouse, this might mean being cautious around equipment and leaving their operation to those who are fully trained to do so. It could also mean something as simple as being careful around the hotplate in the breakroom.

Wear Proper Gear

If you work in a lab, this might mean wearing protective eyewear. If you work on a construction site, it might mean wearing your hard hat the minute you set foot outside your truck. Many jobs also require proper footwear, so pay special attention to any special guidelines that your workplace may have.

Consider Your Environment and Vocation

If you work at a restaurant, chances are most injuries happen in the kitchen. Chefs should be wary of using knives and cutting food, while a server should be wary of operating the industrial espresso machine. If you work on a movie set, you might be responsible for working long twelve-hour shifts, not to mention your hour-long commute home each way. This can certainly lead to injury. Make sure that you don’t overexert yourself and, if your boss is imposing harsh workplace conditions, stand up for yourself and your cohort to make conditions better or shed light on unfair business practices.

Engage in Safety Training

If you can take that CPR class your work offers for employees, then we encourage doing so. There are many additional classes you can take within your community which will make you more aware and trained to act properly during most emergencies.

If You Do Experience Work-Related or Occupational Injury, Contact AVORS Today

AVORS Medical Group, short for Antelope Valley Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Specialists, will take you from injury to independence in the most effective way, with state-of-the-art equipment and patient-centric practices. We’ll have you on your feet and fully productive again in no time.

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