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“I can't even find the words to explain how much you've changed my life for the better. For over a decade all I knew was pain and if I wanted to do anything over an extended period without being overly concerned about what I would go through over the following days to come. You are the only doctor who has found a real, working solution to my problems. Thank you so much for being a caring, attentive and patient doctor. It means more than you'll ever know.”

Shaun Stahl9/19/2018

“Dr. Nasser,
I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for taking such good care of me when I was in the hospital, you got that morphine pump out of me and you kept my pain in check after my back surgery. You're amazing!! Thank you again. ”


“I guess i should i should say something about a man who has changed my life forever. Dr Antebi has given me the gift to walk ,to play with my kids to just move on with life. I was in a bad motorcycle accident in 2014 and spent two months in the hoapital thier i meet a man who would not only scare the crap out of me with his MMA build but take me on a journey to fix what was broken but Thru the struggle of a very bad life threatening infection i was unable to keep my leg. I figured a leg was less important than life. Best decision i ever made. Not only did Dr Antebi perform an immaculate amputation he also led me to an awesome practitioner that would carry on with my care of walking with a prosthetic that fit my lifestyle. NOW i know with my prosthetic i workout way harder and look way better than Dr Antebi those are just minor details!!. I could go on for days about this man DR. Antebi. I will just say thank you again and again for giving me back what we all take for granted the ability to walk!! See you in the gym my man!!”

Ben C. - Facebook3/5/2018

“What can I say about a person who knows their craft as Dr Antebi is very knowledgeable and extremely professional and his staff is amazing as well. I never seen a staff from top to bottom that has your best interest at heart. He listened to all my concerns that I had prior to having a total hip replacement it brought me great concern, he reassured me not to worry, because I was in good hands, Im comfortable and at ease at that point. I went into my surgery even more excited and confident. this was an out-patient surgery procedural , two weeks later I was walking without the walker with little to know pain.I just had an office visit this morning, and from the look of everything I'm on my way to an awesome recover. Thank you so much Dr. Antebi and the rest of the team/staff. You guys made my experience so comfortable, so simple, and increasingly exciting. I have recommended you guys to all of my friends and will continue recommending you guys!”

Richard D. - Facebook3/1/2018

“I can't thank Dr. Antebi enough for helping me. I haven't been able to walk without pain in over 5 years. I've been on a walker to get around. I didn't even know I had a hip problem, I was always told it was a lumbar problem. Yes I have a bad back, but the pain in the thigh was so debilitating I just couldn't take it any more. My doctor recommended Dr Antebi, and he has changed my life. I can't believe that I have hardly any pain. All I have now is surgical pain, which is getting better every day. I cant wait for him to do my other hip. I have so many plans with my 4 yr old granddaughter, I cant wait to get started on. Thank you so much Dr Antebi for giving me my life back.”

Tony P. - Facebook3/1/2018

“Had surgery on my left shoulder 2 years ago and now just get cleared with my right shoulder to resume all the activities that keep me coming back lol terrific Dr., answers all my questions and I know I'm getting a top doc!”

Tim R. - Facebook3/21/2018

“Dr Antebi is the best. He has always taken care of all my families orthopedic needs. He’s done my ankle twice and just this year Gave me my new hip. I was diving in Bora Bora 3 weeks later.
With no physical therapy needed. I would and have strongly recommend him for any Orthopedic surgery. I am very proud to call him my friend as well.”

Michael T. - Facebook2/27/2018

“Dr. Antebi, Redid a terrible hip surgery another surgeon did, and thank God he did a perfect surgery on my hip, this has been over six years ago. I am doing very well, and probably wouldn't have been able to walk with the other surgery I had.”

Pat L. - Facebook3/1/2018

“Dr. Antebi saved my arm about ten years ago , after being shot centimeters below my elbow. I was told by the ER surgeon I would most likely lose my right arm , but a day later Dr. Antebi was the orthopedic surgeon assigned to me . He first asked how the hell did I get shot , then cursed me out for being in a situation like that . Antebi told me he would save my arm , sure enough he saved it & I regained full use . Thank you so much Dr. Antebi & my family thanks u”

Jose R. - Facebook3/1/2018

“Dr. Antebi is hands down the best orthopedic surgeon in the Antelope Valley. So far he’s performed three successful procedures on my mom and has relieved her pain, and most importantly, restored her mobility. I cannot give enough thanks to Dr. Antebi and the entire AVORS staff for what they have done!”

Donna T. - Facebook4/18/2018

“What can I say!?! He is an increadinle surgeon. Not only do his patients do extremely well, he is a pleasure to work with. Results of his work speak for themselves!”

Anastasia K. - Facebook3/19/2018

“Dr.Antebi is awesome,he is definitely my ortho surgeon of choice!”

Ellen M. - Facebook3/19/2018

“My husband was in a really bad accident in July of this year Dr. Sherfey was the Doctor who performed the first surgery which required hardware in his ankle after that surgery Dr Justin Heller performed all 6 surgery's which required skin graphs at the beginning it didn't look good at all they were talking amputation it was awful my husband had such trauma to his foot and leg from a semi truck which ran over his leg and foot which crushed it well as of today November 2017 my husband is healing but was able to keep his foot because of Dr.Heller . He will have weeks of physical therapy but he is walking. Dr. Heller took his time on each surgery he truly is the best ! I would want this team of Doctors on my side if I would ever need this type of help . We live in corona and would drive 168 miles round trip to see him it was way worth the drive to have such a great team who put my husband back on his feet .. and the staff goes without saying they are the greatest always there to help or just to see how you are doing . I just can't say enough!!”

Sharon A. - Yelp11/26/2017

“I've had the pleasure of dealing with AVORS med group on two occasions, the last being for myself when I needed a total hip replacement. Not only is Dr. Sherfey extremely kind, patient and knowledgeable, but his staff has been so helpful to me and my family with all involved.”

WenDee R. - Yelp7/26/2017

“Dr. Sherfey is by far the absolute best orthopedic surgeon I have ever had the pleasure of being treated by. I grew up a multi sport athlete and have seen many ortho doctors through out my life and cannot find enough positive things to say about him.”

Paul B. - Yelp5/15/2017

“I always have a fantastic massage from Soleil. I leave feeing very relaxed and ready for the day. She tailors the treatment to the areas which are bothering me and always takes care of my soreness.”

Adam B. - Yelp7/29/2015

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