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Recently Injured? 3 Helpful Tips To Get Back Into Walking

Have you recently been injured? This could put a huge damper on your physical fitness. It can be hard to get back into the groove of things right away. The injury may make it harder for you to reach your goals, and even discourage you from trying. However, walking is a great exercise, especially for those recovering from an injury. Keep in mind, while exercise is great, this blog post really refers to minor injuries. If it’s for anything more serious, such as a surgery, you should consult with your doctor before attempting to walk as an exercise again. Keep on reading for three helpful tips for getting back to walking after an injury.

1. Start Slow

When you first begin walking again, you should do around 20 percent less than you did prior to your injury. If your injury was on the serious side or you went a long time without walking, you should do even less than you did before. Why is this? You might feel like you could go back to walking miles, but your muscles just won’t be able to do what they used to. You want to ease into it to prevent any more injury or strain. Most importantly, if you feel any pain, stop immediately, as your body may not be ready for walking at all.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Push Yourself

Yes, rest during recovery from an injury is important, but do not use this as a reason to do nothing at all. If you don’t walk at all during recovery, your muscles may become very stiff and your tissues can become increasingly weak. To prevent this, start walking as soon as your doctor gives you approval. The best way to safely do this is to walk in short, frequent intervals. Doing so will give your muscles time to properly get your body used to walking again.

3. Use a Step Counter

Step counters are a great tool to monitor precisely how much you’re walking every day. The use of a step counter gives you an accurate visual of how much you’ve walked. This visual will motivate you and help you pace yourself. Step counters are great because they will help prevent you from walking too much, but will also ensure you’re walking enough to keep your muscles from becoming too weak.

When you’re recovering from an injury, walking will help you during recovery. It might be hard at first, but if you pace yourself you will be able to walk like you used to eventually.

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