Losing Weight: It’s Good for Your Back!

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It’s the new year and the gym is experiencing record attendance, mostly due to New Year’s resolutions. Those of you who’ve stayed in the gym year-round can find solace in the fact that 73% of resolution makers end up quitting before their goals are reached, according to BodyBuilding.com. The same study asserts that 42% of people who vow to get fit say it’s too difficult to follow a diet and workout regimen.

Most people think about losing weight for their look, but people who could stand to lose weight should consider it more seriously for health reasons, including for the sake of your back and spine.

Think of being overweight like packing a bunch of your friends into your car back in high school (or when you’re in high school — kids and adolescents make up a considerable portion of our patient base needing chiropractic and orthopedic care). Think of your intervertebral discs like your shock absorbers causing pressure and accentuating spinal curvature, increasing the risk for injury.

What You Can Do

Stretching (whether it’s yoga, or incorporating a morning and evening stretch) can go a long way towards managing and alleviating back pain. Exercising with your back in mind is a great way to lose weight and be body-conscious at the same time.

But if back or spinal pain persists, it’s important to do something about it.

Services that Will Take Care of Your Back and Spine

AVORS Medical Group specializes in a wide variety of services from chiropractic to orthopedic care that will save your back, whether you’re in a pinch, a downright crisis, or just looking to stay ahead of the aging curve.

What We Can Do

·         Back Injury & Back Pain — Upper & Lower

·         Brain & Spine Injury Rehabilitation

·         Injections — Cervical & Lumbar Epidural/Facet

·         Lumbar & Core Stabilization

·         Holistic Medicine

·         Industrial, Personal, and Sports Injuries

·         Occupational & Work-Related Injuries

·         Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

·         Spine Injuries & Disorders

·         Spinal Cord Stimulation

·         Preventive Medicine


We provide concentrated care to our patient base, giving our very best. In 2018, make a commitment to be good to your body, and your body will be good to you. Call (661) 726-5005 to schedule your consultation.

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