MCL/LCL reconstruction

Injury to the ligaments on the inside (medial collateral) and outside (lateral collateral) of the knee can occur from trauma and sports/recreational activity. Pain in the region of the ligament, knee swelling, and instability (feeling the knee is loose) can be signs of ligament injury.

Physical examination from the doctor, xray, and possible MRI are needed to confirm the diagnosis. Depending on how much of the ligament is torn will determine the treatment recommended. Bracing, activity modifications, injections such as PRP, and surgical reconstruction my be indicated. Surgery can include repairing the torn ligament, or reconstructing in with a tendon graft to create a new ligament. Other injuries, such as meniscal tears and ACL/PCL injuries are common to occur at the same time as injury to the MCL or LCL.

Knee Injuries

Knee Arthritis

Arthritis in the knee is a common occurrence. Pain in the knee joint, limited motion, stiffness in morning or after rest, and increased pain with activity, grinding with motion, can all indicate arthritis. Examination by the doctor and x-rays are needed to confirm the diagnosis. Depending on the severity of arthritis, your age, and activity level, treatment options will be discussed. Treatments include, NSAIDS, injections, PRP,  assistive devices, activity modification, bracing and joint replacement surgery.

Knee Pain & Sprains

Pain in the region of the knee can come from problems in the joint itself or surrounding muscle and tendons. Pain in the knee, front, back, or sides, swelling, feeling of giving out, or limited motion can be associated with knee injuries. Depending on the location and nature of the discomfort, as well as aggravating and relieving factors can help establish the diagnosis.

Problems such as bursitis, tendonitis, medical tearing, ligament injury, aggravating arthritis, and muscle strains are common in the knee Examination by the doctor and testing such as X-rays or MRI may used to identify the problems. Treatments can include medications, therapy, injections, bracing, and even surgery.

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