Foot Sprains and Pain

Pain in the region of the foot can come from problems in the joints or surrounding muscle and tendons. Pain in the foot region, pain with movement, weakness, numbness, stiffness, loss of motion, or swelling, can all be related to foot pathology. Depending on the location and nature of the discomfort, as well as aggravating and relieving factors can help establish the diagnosis.

Problems such as tendonitis, ligament tearing, and muscle strains, arthritis are common in the foot. Examination by the doctor and testing such as X-rays or MRI/CT may used to identify the problems. Treatments can include NSAIDS, ICE, activity modifications, therapy, injections, PRP, and even surgery.

Elbow Injuries

Foot Tendon Injury

Tendons in the foot can be injured from trauma, lacerations, overuse, and inflammatory diseases. Depending on how much of the tendon is torn or damaged, will determine treatment recommendations. Examination by the doctor, and possibly MRI will help confirm the diagnosis. Bracing, activity modification, injections, PRP, and surgery may be recommended.

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