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Family Activities to Do While Social Distancing

While stuck at home with the family during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may quickly find the household running out of things to do and getting antsy. Kids in particular are used to spending their days at school and evenings at various after-school activities or with their friends. There’s a void of time now that you as a family will have to fill during this stressful time.

Luckily, we’re here to help with some great family activities that can be done while staying at home.

  • Build fort blankets and have a fun movie night:
    A more fun and immersive way to watch movies than just sitting on the couch is to build a fort blanket as a family. Pair it with a laptop or iPad that’s used to watch a movie together. Grab some snacks if possible. Remember to have the entire family involved in making the fort, as that’s the best part.
  • Do meditation sessions:
    Anxiety and stress are higher than usual for your entire family as they navigate not only the pandemic but also the immense change that has occured in their day to day life. A useful family activity to do together is to meditate. Use apps such as Calm or Mindspace to do a meditation session either in the morning or evening as a family. This will help everyone calm their mind and feel less stressed about everything going on. It’s also useful to have more family conversations where distractions such as phones are prohibited. Use this to help understand how everyone is feeling about the changes underway and address any fear, questions, or concerns that anyone has.
  • Play board games or Jackbox TV:
    Board games are a great way to enjoy time together and have fun. If you need new games, many can be played online, or you can buy them on Amazon. Alternatively, you can also utilize online sites and games such as Jackbox TV that lets the family play immersive multiplayer games and doesn’t break the bank.
  • Cook together:
    Finally, a fun activity that’s often overlooked is to have the entire family involved in cooking meals. Get kids to help cut ingredients or stir the pots and pans. Mix things up by assigning each member one small dish and host a tapas style night where everyone brings their dish and mixes and matches.

Having the entire family at home is an opportunity to reconnect and have fun together. Hopefully, the above activities can help your family have fun, be stress free, and avoid cabin fever.

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