Physician Services

Heather is a native of Lancaster, California, and has been in the medical profession since 2011. She joined AVORS in 2012 after gaining valuable experience doing lab work at a dermatologist’s office.

At AVORS she is in charge of physician services, which includes credentialing and coordinating the doctors‘ hospital schedules, as well as communicating with medical representatives and vendors.

Heather is a nationally registered Certified Medical Assistant, a certification she received from the University of Antelope Valley in Lancaster, California.

She is the recipient of AVORS “Shining Star” Award for 2015, which she received in recognition of outstanding job performance.

In her spare time, Heather enjoys spending time with family/friends and watching football. Her favorite team is The Denver Broncos.

Contact name: (661) 726-5005 ext. 157 or send email

AVORS Shining Star

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