Medical Scribe for Dr. Antebi

Gary started his medical career in 2006, transcribing for Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles and AV Hospital in Lancaster, California. He joined AVORS in 2012.

Gary works closely with Dr. Antebi throughout his clinical work-day accurately charting patients’ details for AVORS medical records.

He studied medical terminology, report generating, and Electronic Health Record at U.S.Career Institute in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, and reared in Southern California, Gary says he enjoys his job because he learns something new every day, works with the best doctors in town, and gets to be part of a dedicated and successful team.

Gary is the recipient of AVORS “Staff Favorite” Award for 2013 and for 2014.

Outside the medical practice, Gary enjoys spending time with his two kids. He is also an avid comic book reader and a Dodger baseball fan.

Contact Gary: (661) 726-5005 ext. 148

AVORS Staff Favorite