Our Doctors

The physicians, medical support team, and administrative support team at Antelope Valley Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Specialists (AVORS) are proud of their unparalleled growth and success as the leading musculoskeletal facility in the region. The best care and optimum health for patients is the top priority. The daily goal is 100% patient satisfaction.

Yet, AVORS is much more than the typical orthopedic/pain management and rehabilitation facility.

“Creating a successful day for our patients, every day, is our passion — and represents the core value in our every-day work,” says Dr. Alon Antebi. “The patients are the sole reason we exist and strive for perfection with every healing procedure.”

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Care For Every Patient

“Patients must have confidence that they are in good hands, and that they will get the best professional care possible — in a friendly and casual environment dedicated to providing healing of the ‘total self,'” says Dr. Thomas Nasser.

In AVORS relentless pursuit of the best care, they consider every detail and every aspect of care provided for every patient.

From the man who comes with arthritis, a back injury, or needing post-stroke rehabilitation — to the woman who comes with a sprain, a broken bone, or needing a hip or knee replacement, AVOR’S physicians treat, cure and learn. And by sharing discoveries these physicians contribute to the future of musculoskeletal health care.

You can have confidence that at AVORS, both the surgeons and non-surgical physicans are among the very best who specialize in musculoskeletal conditions. They can be highly creative — where knowledge and experience allows thinking “outside the box” — utilizing the most advanced procedures with traditional treatment methods. The AVORS staff prides itself in offering the very latest nonsurgical and minimally invasive treatment techniques.

If you are in pain, need rehabilitation, or orthopedic treatment — AVORS is where you want to come for help.

AVORS welcomes you.

“You take it.”
“No, you go ahead and take it.”
“Well then, in that case, we’ll take it together!”

The amazingly popular AVORS medical practice came about as a result of an administrative mix-up, when a private office space available at a local hospital was assigned, in error, to two different young doctors.

It was 2005. Dr. Alon Antebi and Dr. Tom Nasser had just finished their medical training — one coming from his fellowship in Tampa, Florida, and the other arriving from his residency training in Toledo, Ohio.

They did not know each other, and as fate would have it, the mistake was discovered only shortly after both doctors and their families had arrived in town.

“I had no idea what to expect, but I liked Alon from our first meeting,” reflects Dr. Nasser. “We were both enthusiastic about our work, our wives liked each other, and we had a lot in common. So I said, “I’ll tell you what. Why don’t we share the office? See if we get along, and go from there.”

“I said okay, let’s do it,” recalls Dr. Antebi.

To complicate things even further, what was to be a “furnished office” was actually unfurnished. Together, the doctors rented a truck, and had to purchase furniture that needed painstaking assembly. Starting a medical practice from scratch was more work then either of them had anticipated, but they were ready for the challenge.

“After loading, delivering, and unloading our furniture, I remember we stayed up most of the night putting things together. Hours of handturning screwdrivers was an exercise we where not used to. We were exhausted,” laughed Dr. Nasser. “We also learned that we had something else in common — never giving up.”

A few days later, the young doctors hung their names at the entrance, and opened their office to the first new patients.

The Incredible Growth

After a practice manager was brought in to run things in 2007, the two doctors could now focus more attention on their patients. They then moved into a second, larger office and merged into one practice, now known officially as AVORS.

During the years that followed, other talented doctors who shared their enthusiasm and treatment philosophies were recruited. With the addition of these doctors, the practice grew rapidly. In 2012 the doctors and their elite medical support staff moved into AVORS grand new facility.

Now three-times its original size, AVORS is still defined by the same high standard of patient care, and the “never give up” attitude established by the two young doctors from the day they met.