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A Quick Look At The Most Common Workplace Injuries

Workplace Injury Blog
You don’t have to work a particularly dangerous job to find yourself dealing with a workplace injury. No matter where you work or what job you do, it’s possible to get hurt while doing it.

At AVORS Medical Group we recognize that knowing what to look out for can help you avoid painful incidents, so today we’re giving you a rundown of the most common workplace incidents that lead to injury.

1. Slips, trips, and falls: A bad fall can lead to a serious injury, and these are the most common kinds workers suffer. Thankfully, they’re also the easiest to control, and taking steps like making sure messes or spills are cleaned up immediately and cordoned off or marked by signage are effective ways to prevent such injuries.

2. Muscle strains: These injuries are particularly common for people who often lift objects of varying heaviness at work. Back and neck strains are by far the most common. Proper lifting technique can go a long way to helping reduce the frequency of these injuries, as can incorporating proper posture — both while standing and while sitting.

3. Being hit by falling objects: While these usually cause more minor injuries like cuts and abrasions, falling or flying objects can also cause more serious problems (like concussions, for instance). A simple solution? Hand things to coworkers, never toss them. Also, look out for work hazards and report them to facility management immediately.

4. Repetitive stress injury (RSI): This kind of injury has become increasingly common in recent years, and is most often caused by forceful or repetitive activity. However, poor posture is an easy-to- fix problem that also often leads to RSI.

5. Crashes and collisions: Whether they involve cars, lorries, or even smaller objects like mail carts or forklift trucks, collisions can often cause injuries ranging from minor to severe. To prevent these, proper safety precautions like seatbelts and other measures are very useful.
In short, workplace injury can happen to anyone, at any time, even if you’re being careful to avoid them. If a workplace injury does happen to you, though, it’s important to have a place to go for chiropractic care and pain management services.

At AVORS Medical Group we understand how important it is to get on your feet after a workplace injury, which is why our dedicated professionals are here to help you do just that. Just come in for a consultation and we’ll be able to tell you what help you need and aid you in recovering from your accident.

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