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A Quick Guide to Concussions

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When you experience a concussion, no matter the severity, it’s important to identify the situation and make sure that the correct next action is taken.

Concussions can range in severity depending on the patient and the circumstances and are a common sports injury that both athletes and parents of athletes should know about in order to make informed decisions that lead to safe experiences.

Below we provide information about concussions that will help you self-diagnose if you ever experience one, tell you a little more about what is actually happening when you experience a concussion, and also give you information about what to do after you experience your injury.

A quick guide to concussions

What Happens During a Concussion?

A concussion is generally a hit to the head or to the body which causes the head and brain to move back and forth rapidly, causing the brain to “bounce around” or twist inside of the skull. This creates pronounced chemical changes in the brain and can even cause stretching or other damage to brain cells.

Concussion Symptoms

You might not experience your concussion symptoms right after you experience the injury. Symptoms can even begin days or weeks after the initial incident.

Basic symptoms include neck pain, headache, nausea, even a ringing in the ears. Dizziness can also happen, same with fatigue.

Those who experience concussions report not feeling like themselves for days or weeks after the injury.

There are more serious symptoms involved with concussions — in such cases consult with your doctor immediately. Emergency symptoms include seizures, convulsions, inability to wake up, numbness, slurred speech, repeated vomiting, or headaches that increase in intensity and don’t go away.

Treating a Concussion in Southern California

If you experience a concussion during an activity, during work, or any place else life takes you, please contact a physician immediately. AVORS has a long track record of bringing concussion patients back to a speedy and full recovery. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with Antelope Valley’s primary orthopedic/pain management and rehabilitation facility.

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