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A Primer On Post-Stroke Rehabilitation

Post-Stroke Rehab Blog
Strokes are one of most common and debilitating causes of long-term disability. Recent studies have estimated that approximately 795,000 people suffer from a stroke every year in the United States.

These catastrophic events can strike without warning, and recovery is a difficult journey. However, there are ways to make the process easier, and at AVORS Medical Group we want you to know all your options when it comes to post-stroke recovery.

Option For Post-Stroke Rehabilitation

Once recovery is necessary, there are a few different places that it can occur. Inpatient rehabilitation units are where a stroke victim lives and engages in therapy, while outpatient facilities are where a patient spends a few hours a day recovering while living elsewhere. Both are often connected to a hospital or clinic. Skilled nursing facilities are also a place where stroke rehabilitation can occur, though these will vary in terms of the kind of therapy they offer.

Post-Stroke Rehabilitation Techniques

You (or your caregivers) can use a multitude of techniques and therapies to help recover from a stroke. Physical activities such as motor skill exercises or mobility training can be used, and these can be assisted with technology through methods like functional electrical stimulation or virtual reality.

Another option is a variety of cognitive or emotional therapies, such as those used to treat mental disorders and improve mental health. Experimental or alternative therapies such as non-intrusive brain stimulation or acupuncture are also options, though they are less likely to lead to a drastic recovery.

Likelihood of Recovery Post-Stroke

Length of rehabilitation and likelihood of recovery depend on the severity of the stroke. Recovery can last anywhere from weeks to years, and in some cases may never truly occur. Though no outcome is guaranteed, however, up to 35% of stroke victims recover with only minor impairments.

One thing it’s always important to keep in mind is that emotional factors such and attitude and commitment have a genuine, powerful impact on rehabilitation.

In short, while stroke rehabilitation can be an arduous and long process, there are many options that can be taken in order to aid in recovery. At AVORS Medical Group we’re dedicated to helping your loved ones get back on their feet after a stroke, and we’re happy to help you understand which rehabilitation options are right for you. Give us a call today to book your consultation.

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