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5 Telltale Signs You Have a Migraine

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In the US alone about 12% of our total population lives with migraines. Seeking out professional treatment for migraines (such as chiropractic care, for instance) is vital to alleviating migraine symptoms.

But it’s important to know how to differentiate between migraines and normal headaches. Read on for a few ways to tell if the pain you’re experiencing is migraine-related.

Migraine Headache

1.) Know Where Your Headache is Coming From

If you’re experiencing intense, pulsing pain or throbbing pain, then this is likely due to a migraine. Tension headaches are more characterized by being mild and dull. Pain and throbbing are more often going to be localized on one side of your head in cases of migraines as well.

2.) You Have Pain Behind the Eye

One quite common symptom of migraines is pain behind the eye. Migraines are actually commonly confused among patients as eye strain as well.

3.) Being Sensitive to Light, Smell, or Sound

If you’re having a headache and you’re especially sensitive to light and sound, then this is a good indication that your headache is actually a migraine. Migraine pain can often intensify when the patient is exposed to bright lights or intense sound. Distinct and pungent odors can also intensify migraines — strong perfumes and carpet cleaners, for instance.

4.) Your Pain Intensifies After Activity or Exertion

If you’re experiencing a headache that gets worse in the face of activity, then it’s likely a migraine. This includes walking up the stairs, running, carrying objects, etc.

5.) Watery Eyes and Stuffy or Runny Nose

Migraines might also come along with sinus symptoms, things like droopy eyelids, stuffy nose, clear nasal drainage, or even tearing-up or water eyes. A large majority of migraine patients also report the occurrence of sinus headaches.

If you believe you’ve been suffering from migraines, we can help. AVORS provides chiropractic care and massage services that will help you deal with and manage migraine pain. We have a long track record of keeping our patients healthy, happy, and active.

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